LFC-Albania is an Albanian consultancy firm specialized in providing its services in three strictly related and integrated fields: legal, financial and policy consultancy. LFC Albania consists of talented and experienced lawyers and attorneys who combine a European education with long working experience in a variety of Albanian business and public policy sectors.

The firm was created with the intent to offer thorough and all inclusive consultancy to its Clients, therefore LFC Albania operates as a full service law firm. We provide Clients with an integrated range of consulting services in a variety of legal fields during the exercise of their day to day business. In our experience often, clients, combined to legal consultancy, need financial consultancy. Since we are committed to build long-term relationships with our clients and cover all aspects of their daily businesses we have chosen an integrated approach to consultancy by providing Clients, in addition to legal consultancy, also the related financial consultancy through highly qualified financial consultants cooperating with LFC Albania.