We Practice General Civil Law For Businesses,
Individuals, and Local Governments.

Our Practice Area

We practice general civil law for businesses, individuals, and local governments.

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LFC-Albania is an Albanian consultancy firm specialized in providing its services in three strictly related and integrated fields: legal, financial and policy consultancy. LFC Albania consists of talented and experienced lawyers and attorneys who combine a European education with long working experience in a variety of Albanian business and public policy sectors.


Each lawyer at LFC Abania Firm,
focuses exclusively on civil matters


Shkelqim Kerlukui

Senior Lawyer

Mr. Kërluku is a senior lawyer with 16 years of intensive experience in both the leading sectors of public administration and private legal consultancy to different industries. He is thus capable of providing versatile and practical legal solutions to a wide range of legal and policy issues.


Suela Hasani

Senior Lawyer

Mrs. Hasani is a senior lawyer who has been actively practicing in various fields of law in Albania. During her working years she has provided national and international clients with business legal advice.


Egid hasani

TCI Administratior

“We Cannot Expect People To Have Respect For Law And Order Until We Teach Respect To Those We Have Entrusted To Enforce Those Laws.”

Hunter S Thompson


Focuses Exclusively On
Civil Matters

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